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The Takeout Double

When you have an opening hand, but an opponent opens the bidding, you may want to get into the auction.  If you do not have a hand suitable for an overcall, you might employ a “takeout double  This "double" bid is not intended to penalize the opponent’s bid.  It is a convention asking partner to pick one of the suits not bid by the opponents.
Requirements for a Takeout Double

  1. ·       Support for the unbid suits:  At least 3-card support, but preferably 4-card              support.
  2. ·       Emphasis on major suits.
  3. ·       At least 13 points, counting dummy points.  (Since you ask partner to choose         a suit your hand will be dummy, if your side gets the bid.

Advancing a Takeout Double

 The partner of the takeout doubler is called the advancer.  Note: advancers must bid, regardless of the strength of their hands, if their RHO passes.  
  1. ·       0-8 points bid at the cheapest available level.
  2. ·       9-11 points make an invitational bid by jumping a level.
  3. ·       12+ points guide the partnership to game.
  4. ·       The advancer can force partner to bid by making a cue bid in the opponent’s           suit.

Advancing in No Trump

With strength in the opponent’s suit and no 4-card or longer major suit, bid no trump using the following ranges.
  1. ·       6-10 points bid no trump at the cheapest available level.
  2. ·       11-12 points bid no trump by jumping a level.
  3.        12+ points bid game in no trump.                                                                       
  4. Rebids by the Takeout Doubler

The takeout doublers combine their strength with that shown by the advancer and makes a decision whether or not to bid again.  Takeout doublers can pass, invite game or go directly to game, depending on the combined strengh of the two hands.
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