One of a Suit Openings, Opener's Rebids, and Responder's First Bid - New Project

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Opening 1 of a suit
·       12 to 21 points
·       A major suit opening must have 5 or more cards.
·       A minor suit opening may have 3 cards in the suit, if there is no 5-card major and
the hand does not qualify for a no trump opening.

Openers further define their hands with their rebid.

o   12 to 15 points = a minimum-range opening hand (options)

§  Bid a new suit at the one level.
  •    Rebid the opening suit with 6 cards
§  Support partner’s suit with 4-card support.
§  Bid a new suit below the rank of the opening suit.
§  Bid no trump at the minimum available level.

o   16 to 18 points = a mid-range opening hand (options)

§  Rebid the opening suit, jumping a level, with 6 cards
§  Raise partner’s major suit response, jumping a level.
§  Bid a new suit above the rank of the opening suit.
§  If partner bids at the 2-level, bid 3 no trump, with a relatively balanced hand.

o   19 to 21 points = a strong-range opening hand (options)

§  Bid a new suit by jumping a level
§  Raise partner’s major suit response to the 4-level, with 4-card support.
§  Bid no trump by jumping a level, with a relatively balanced hand.

When responder makes a limited bid (direct support of the opening suit or a no trump bid), count points and bid accordingly.

·       If no game is possible, pass
·       If game is possible but not certain, raise responder’s bid one level.
·       If game is certain, bid the game (she who knows, goes)

Responding to a 1-level suit opening bid

There are five basic principles in responding:

·       With 5-points or fewer, you should pass
·       Supporting partner’s opening suit (at any level) or bidding any level of no trump are limit bids and opener may pass.
·       A new suit bid at the minimum available level is unlimited.  Opener must bid again.
·       A new-suit bid at the two level requires 10 or more points and a 5-card suit.  
·       With a choice of bidding a 4-card major suit at the 1 level or a 5-card minor suit at the 2 level, you should choose the major suit.  However, if you are certain the partnership has enough points for game, bid the minor suit first.  
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