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The Stayman Convention.

When partner opens 1 nt and you hold a 4- card major suit, you can use the Stayman convention to discover if partner (the no trump opener) also has four card in that major.  The conventional bid is 2 ♣.  This is a totally artificial bid and it is not suggesting clubs as a potential trump suit.  The bid simply asks the que4ston: “Do you have a 4-card major suit?”

The bidding looks like this:
Partner    RHO    You  
1 nt          pass       2♣

The requirements for initiating the Stayman convention are:
·       At least one 4-card major suit
·       At least 8 hcps.

The 1 nt opener’s reply to the Stayman convention.
·       2 ♠          I have 4 ♠, but I do not have 4         
·       2           I have 4 , and I might have 4
·       2           I do not have a 4-card major suit.

Like the conventional 2 ♣ bid, opener’s 2 bid is artificial.  It has nothing to do with diamonds.  It simply announces the fact that her/his hand contains no 4-card major suit.

Once the major suit situation is known, it is the responder’s responsibility to set the proper contract.  
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