Opening 1 No Trump and Responses - New Project

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Opening 1 No Trump =
  • 15 to 17 points
  • Balanced Distribution
  • No 5-card major suit

Response to Opening 1 No Trump
No. of Cards in a Major SuitO to 7 Points
8 or 9 Points
10+ Points
3 or fewerPass2 No Trump3 No Trump
4passStayman,* then 2 no trump or 3 of major suit match
Stayman, then 3 no trump or 4 of major suit match
5Transfer, then passTransfer,** then 2 no trump
Transfer, then 3 no trump
6Transfer, then passTransfer, then 3 of major suit
Transfer, then 4 of major suit
*See page on Stayman Convention
** See page on Jacoby Transfer
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